Hello and welcome to Screen Weaver!

I’m Bret Weaver and this is the story about how Screen Weaver came to light.

In the 1980’s my Mother, Lori Weaver, purchased a huge, old home built in 1921 with lots of history, windows and a big sunroom on the top floor.

The first thing my mom did was remove all of the screens from the windows and hid them in the basement because they distracted from the beauty of that lovely old home. She started wondering why screens were not made in the same style as each home, with unique patterns to compliment the décor.

Over the years she kept thinking, sketched out designs and made some samples in my Grandma Tickle’s kitchen.  Years later she and my Stepdad, Michael, started the very long and difficult process of obtaining a Patent, while raising three boys and working full time jobs, leaving no extra time or energy to take the project any further.

Since I run my own separate business I had the ability to work on Mom’s idea and make sure her Patent did not go to waste! I worked on it for a year and a half and made her dream into SCREEN WEAVER, INC.

This has been a humbling experience for me, building from the bottom up a product that has never been done before, a decorative screening product that functions just like traditional screening with waterproofing and UV protection, but with beautiful and unique designs.

My Mother Lori, Stepdad Michael and I each bring our own talents and business expertise to Screen Weaver, Inc.  I am filled with joy for making this a reality for my Mom and Michael, who have both been my role models and inspiration throughout my life.

To bring this product to the market for all of you beautiful people really is very special for all of us here.

Let us help you change that dingy mesh screen into a piece of artwork for you and your family to enjoy, and to make your Home, RV, Hotel, etc. stand out from the rest and be as unique as yourselves.